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  • 1980 CESSNA 182RG SKYLANE (For Sale)

  • 1980 CESSNA 182RG SKYLANE (For Sale)

  • 1980 CESSNA 182Q SKYLANE (For Sale)




They say each plane is a compromise, and possibly no airplane creates more compromises--while also bringing more capabilities--compared to Cessna 182 Skylane for sale. How can you quantify a fantastic airplane? Fuel efficiency? Speed? Useful load? Short-field capability? The list of attributes you may want in a plane continues on and on. Along with also the Cessna 182 Skylane likely comes out on the top of just none of those. Nevertheless the Skylane does a lot of things so reasonably nicely it is still one of the most popular general aviation aircraft . It is a fantastic hauler, a secure IFR platform, dependable, super-fast, and virtually every mechanic can correct you.

My advice would be to fly exactly what you've obtained and learn how to fly well. I am familiar with all the 182, and it gets me to all of the strips I would typically need to see just fine. For many ops, prop clearance is much more than decent as well as the equipment is sufficient to maintain my antennas out of getting ripped off. On the infrequent occasion I want to land at a very brief airstrip, I request my among my buddies who possesses a Super Cub to get a ride. The simple fact that it is tough to discover a tail dragger without harm history ought to tell you something!

Heavy Shrimp Caution: The C-182 has a reputation for being nose-heavy. As for me, I believe the elderly C-172s were somewhat too sensitive to pitch enter. (I have not flown a more recent one so can not say if this remains correct.) By trimming the elevator for landing, I have never felt that the nose of a C-182 to become thick. In reality, it feels exactly perfect. The C-182 is a thicker plane compared to a C-172 and is not quite as likely to ballooning and porpoising.

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