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Took My Wife To See The Come From Away Broadway Musical

My wife really loves going to Broadway shows and recently she mentioned that she wanted to see the Come From Away Broadway musical. She said she had several of her friends tell her about it and said that she was seeing it all over Facebook. She had a birthday coming up and I thought this would be a great show to take her to.

I went online and searched for tickets for Come From Away Broadway and found the tickets for sale online. I found a show date on her birthday and thought this would be a great day to go. I knew we could go out to eat and catch the show too and that she would be so happy with her birthday gift from me. I went ahead and purchased the tickets and started searching around for a place to go to dinner that night. I decided to take her to her favorite restaurant for dinner because I knew she wouldn't be disappointed going there.

I kept her birthday gift a secret from her until the day of her birthday. She knew I had a surprise for her, but didn't know what it was. She bugged me all day long to tell her what the surprise was and finally I did because I wanted her to know. She was so excited when I told her and said she couldn't wait to see the show.

We were both really happy with the show we saw and she said that it made for a great birthday gift. She also enjoyed going out to eat at her favorite restaurant and said that she couldn't have had a better birthday than what I had planned for her. It was a great time for both of us.

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