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Honda EU2200i
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Now, can Honda meet its enormous customer base with EU2000i? Could they hold on to one product for this long? Can they cease producing legendary generators? No. They needed to proceed. So, in the first spring 2018 Honda made accessible its fresh legend, The EU2200i, nationally. EU2200i is ideal than.

Whether you want one for camping, trips or just as an added backup on your own garage, then this really is unquestionably the portable generator we favor.

Inverter technology is the newest wave in those smaller and very silent generators. However, they are not so small anymore, as we seen the EU3000i running in the World of Concrete 2018 occasion. Electronics and computers have quite sensitive circuitry that needs "clean electricity", or present that does not have sidewalks and spikes.

Contained from the Honda EU2200i generator is your Honda-designed microprocessor that states electricity via a multi-step process. The microprocessor controls this whole process, including the rate of the motor based on requirement.

We are excited about obtaining the Honda EU2200i generator in for inspection shortly, so we are able to find an actual hands-on inspection.

Honda has been prominent because of its mobile inverter generator lineup for quite a very long moment. The journey started 20 decades ago when Honda initiated using inverter in mobile coverings. However, Honda's inverter technology was so consistent that it might create power closer to this "line electricity". This was not possible for every other non-inverter generator at that moment. With this persistency they left the generator mobile, easy-to-use and mild weight, nobody could withstand something like that. This product contains got its best to be a legend. It had more energy than ever, more durability, topnotch performances and sound like a walking cat. This was a sneaky monster with prominent performance. It has been in the marketplace for quite a lengthy time and Honda was ruling within the generator businesses with it.

Now, can Honda meet its enormous customer base with EU2000i? Could they hold on to one product for this long? Can they cease producing legendary generators? No. They needed to proceed. EU2200i is ideal than. It creates 10 percent more electricity compared to EU2000i. It's lots of new features that created Eu2200i standout among other mobile generators both indoors and out Honda. It includes color coded elements, stress-free oil fill/drain, smart gas shut off valve, focused output on low RPM and lots of other characteristics which made it a lot easier to carry, maintain and use.

The initial series was that the EU1000i where Honda altered mobile inverter generator. If light weight, strong and is that the definition of mobile generator subsequently EU2200i is your sole Inverter generator which defines its own kind.

Can it be? Let us find out.

It's a huge automatic mechanical de-compressor which lets you begin the machine using minimum force. It's made the operation simpler. Honda EU2200i has its own legendary sound reduction capacity that enables it to function at reduced or no sounds. This means that you can set it everywhere and forget about it. How about measurement? 20.0″ x 11.4″ x 16.7″ looks pretty little for this monster yet a different quality to consider. Additionally, it has a intelligent oil sign quality that closes of the system when it senses reduced fuel. It has a fuel capacity of .95 gal that again contains low weight and it's 10% additional runtime compared to the past EU2000i. Last but not least, Beginning EU2200i is simpler than ever due to its cutting edge technologies. Thus, we could say that Honda EU2200i simple to operate.

When it's a concern of electricity, the motor comes. The EU2200i utilizes Honda's among the very best engine GXR120. The dimensions of this motor is quite modest in comparison to other motors however at 121cc, the GXR120 is unbeatable. It consistently ensures intense power support for its EU2200i.

Now what's the output of this gorgeous motor? Well, you'll receive AC output signal of 120V 2200W max. This allows you to run wide range of electronics.

Another great characteristic of EU2200i which can guarantee ultimate power output is its own parallel link. It permits pairing of this all-new Honda EU2200i using a Honda EU2000i K1/T1 version or a different EU2200i to get added advantage and more electricity. This will guarantee exceptional experience and robust power support to resolve your objective.


Honda EU2200i is among those greatest in Honda super very portable generators. This can be an inverter equipped design that comprises momentous technology and body that results noiseless performances. Honda, for example always, guaranteed easy maintenance procedure in order that finds it comfortable to keep this wonderful generator. There are many tremendous designing and engineering contained inside this generator and they're solely focused on simple upkeep. Every user may maintain their generator with no previous understanding. It is that easy.

EU2200i comprises a bigger oil filler opening combined with a more spout. This will help you refueling cleaner and faster. Larger oil drain can be available in this version so oil change is all occurring in a blink of any eye. This also eliminates any dirt and other contaminants readily.

This implies shutting of the motor when it's low on gasoline. For this you'll need to maintain the switch into "off fuel" position. This guarantees great state of machine components and gears. It does it fewer things to be worried about while still keeping up the generator.

Greater product durability and decreased possible harm to the generator is guaranteed by stamped metal recoil rope. You don't have to be concerned about generator body. Additionally there's a color-coded functional contact points to help you through the beginning mechanism.

This generator may be readily paired using various generators to guarantee robust performances. This function is built so there's absolutely not any chance for mistake or some other harm. The purpose is user friendly and easy. You won't require any previous knowledge to perform thisjust a couple of pre-guided jobs and you're all set.

Ventilation is an significant part a machine and this mobile generator got it guessed. It's an increased venting region of 2.31 square inch that's more than sufficient. This guarantees increased inverter cooling system. There are a few added new ducts that allow promising inner air flow. It retains the important elements cool and consequently ensures durable machine. This may also improve general functioning of the generator. You don't have to be concerned about.

Simply speaking that the EU2200i got everything guessed. You do not need to do a lot to keep that generator. What's pre-defined, automatic and cared off. This really is a intelligent generator and is simple to keep. Take a peek at the operator's guide here to watch yourself.

Fantastic guarantee? The new Honda EU2200i arrived with best guarantee. Contrary to other mobile generator, Honda EU2200i is supplying three decades of guarantee for the two residential and industrial usage. This simplifies the assurance and the capacities of the generator since they're giving this kind of long-term guarantee. It is always best to know that you're covered from top to bottom for over 3 decades. Here is the best that you can get on this line of product. According to Honda, since they are convinced on their new generation, you won't require any guarantee since you're able to run this generator easily way over three decades. That is for certain.

Well, it is a burning question. However, before estimating the cost its worth having a peek at what it is you're receiving. Primarily, you have a dependable name "Honda". Greater than 47 LBS and contains less noise. Plus it's three years warranty. So, can it be expensive? Not whatsoever. Honda's suggested retail cost is just $1149.95 that is significantly less than EU2000i. There's a possibility that you may find some reductions from many dealers. So, Fantastic luck.

As it isn't necessarily running at full rate it enhances the noise of generator. It's likewise well respected for low sound. Everything in a comparatively low cost the preceding variant Honda EU2000i.

Honda EU2200i Camo has all that's in Honda EU2200i. It's just one extra feature that's that the Realtree APG wrap. It eliminates the traditional red color entirely and provides a wonderful camouflage to your machine. It's tremendous for outside users, particularly seekers.

This version removed the conventional 12V DC socket instead of 20A 125V Duplex Outlet; it's supplied with a 30A locking plug. In addition, it has a 20A 125V single socket too.

To begin with you have to know EU2000i is no more made by Honda. Now in the event that you arrive at the engine then EU2200i Uses far superior motor than EU2000i. The New EU2200i has 10 percent more in each possible manner compared to EU2000i. It provides additional 200 V compared to the preceding version permitting the end user operate a huge array of electronic products. As soon as it's a matter of cost EU2200i is a bit lower compared to the prior version with more capacities. Contrary to other generator, EU2200i includes 2.31 square inch of venting space which keeps the system cool on the top rate. This will gradually protect the mobile generator from undesirable damages. EU2000i was 46 lbs and this one is 47 lbs. Although both system begins from sound level of 53 dB nevertheless at high speed EU2200i is somewhat louder than EU2000i. However, the purpose is EU2200i is earning 200W more compared to EU2000 and 3 dB more sound for 200W more electricity is nothing.


After a while Honda releases a brand new mobile generator and its caliber is non-negotiable. There are many generators on the sector but functionality similar to this one is really rare. Nobody can create something nearer to "line electricity" so economically and concurrently enjoy this one. Do not forget the 3 decades of residential and industrial guarantee. Additionally, the parallel link is just another wonderful feature that may guarantee solid power.


Honda EU2200i is offered from the marketplace since spring 2018 and Honda has mended the retrial cost $1149.95. The cost is lower than the prior mobile generator Honda EU2000i. You'll find this generator both offline and online. Nonetheless, it's ideal to make certain you're purchasing from the Honda's authorized seller with no you could face hassle concerning guarantee. There are a number of online shop which may provide you discount but the majority of them are Chinese site and thus don't bother. If you're decided to purchase Honda EU2200i from internet then it is far better to search on Amazon. They also offer you tremendous customer care and concerning guarantee there will not be any hassle that is for certain. Regarding cost, the majority of the trader would provide the designated cost by Honda but a few will also permit you somewhat reduction. Provided that you're purchasing from a licensed dealer or by amazon, I'd be pleased to get those discounts.

10 percent more electricity: Honda EU2200i is currently more potent compared to Honda's previous variant EU2000i. This enables the users to utilize more gear. 2200 Watts simultaneous electricity distribution helps powering a huge array of electronics which weren't possible before. Whichever device you've you can power it using EU2200i.

Honda GXR120 Engine: This motor has been industrialized for heavy duty construction utilizes and today it's employed in EU2200i. The GXR120 is high in its class and will produce simultaneous electricity supply ensuring prefect electricity for EU2200i.

Easy beginning: EU2200i is designed well so you obtain a smooth and quick beginningeach moment. It's automatic mechanical de-compressor which guarantees reduced power to initiate the machine.

Less sound: Noise is a powerful issue when you're using a mobile generator. Honda created this generator maintaining that in mind. EU2200i is indeed very it produces sound just like a standard conversation giving you a sound free electricity support for your house, RV or camp.

Light weight: The expression mobile generator suggests light weight product and EU2200i rather than an exception. It's just 47 pound and its dimensions is so streamlined you could move it everywhere and anyplace.

Gas Effectiveness: This one comes with exclusive Eco Thorttle system which guarantees ultimate fuel efficiency. It may operate for optimum 8.1 hours less than one gallon of gasoline.

Parallel Support: In case you want more energy than you can utilize EU2200i using a parallel link to same or alternative version like EU2000i. This will offer you more energy with consistency.

Gas Shut Off: Should you change this, your generator will automatically shut off if it feel low gas within it. It prevents gas issues together with other mechanical problems in the generator components and equipment. This will definitely keep your generator secure for quite a while.

Electronic Circuit Breaker: EU2200i includes a huge circuit breaker which conserves the generator along with the machines operating on it in the event of electricity overload.

Advanced Inverter Technology: This generator features a huge inverter technology that's great for sensitive equipment including notebook, cellphone, etc..

Warranty: Honda EU2200i is insured by three decades of residential and industrial guarantee. To do so, all you need to do is purchase this from a licensed dealer or by Amazon.

Inverter technology has undoubtedly changed how that people see generators. You do not need to find nasty looks from everybody when you pull out the generator in the campground. Together with the Honda EU2200i generator, then you are able to continue to keep the lights burning and firing that big-screen TV to see the game. These items are so silent, it is difficult to tell they are even running.