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Welcome to FTEJerez’s site for Scandinavian candidates.

FTEJerez, focused on training excellence.

FTEJerez is widely recognised as one of the best flight training academies in the World. As a result, FTEJerez attracts students from all over the globe, in addition to airline cadets from premium international and European carriers such as Aer Lingus, Air Astana, Emirates, British Airways or Qatar amongst many others.

This microsite has been put together to assist cadets enrolling from Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden with specific information that is relevant for Scandinavian residents and nationals.

Airline First Officer Programme

What is the Airline First Officer Programme?

From its fantastic campus located is Southern Spain, FTEJerez offers an integrated ATPL course, the Airline First Officer Programme, training students with little or no previous flying experience to become an airline pilot in approximately 15 months. After successful completion of the course cadets are issued with an EASA frozen ATPL. This licence allows you to work as a First Officer with an airline and, in time, become a captain.

You will find all the information you require by downloading our full course brochure here:

A summary of the course programme, syllabus and fees can be downloaded here:

If this course is for you, please contact the FTEJerez Scandinavian Office, where our dedicated Training Advisor will answer all your queries and assist with the application process.

Language Courses

Aviation English.

When English is not your first language.

In March 2008 it became a legal requirement for all pilots flying internationally to hold a minimum of ICAO level 4 in English and therefore we do all our EASA exams and training in English. For that reason, it is mandatory that you understand both spoken and written English to the appropriate level if you wish to train at FTEJerez.

All our selection tests are deliberately delivered in English too and as a result you must have studied English language during High School in order to meet our entry requirements. Candidates are not required to hold an English language certificate in order to apply, however, as a reference the level of English required is at least IELTS 6 or better. This is about the same as a B2, CELS V and BEC V.

Once you apply online, our assessment officer will send you an online English benchmark test that will verify that you have the appropriate level of English in order to sit the assessments in Jerez. For those cadets who have an insufficient level of English, FTEJerez can offer a 3 month Intensive Aviation English course delivered at our campus, more information here:

FTEJerez became the first organisation to be formally approved by the UK CAA to conduct English Language Proficiency (ELP) testing. As a result, FTEJerez tests all non-native speaking students on integrated courses as part of the course fee. This, together with in house Radio Licence testing (RT), ensures that all FTEJerez students who graduate meet all licence issue requirements.

Contact Us

How can we help you?

Even though candidates are welcome to visit FTEJerez to see the facilities first-hand, FTEJerez has a dedicated Training Advisor for Scandinavian candidates and a physical office in Norway. If you require any information regarding our training course or if you wish to book an appointment at our Scandinavian office, please contact our Training Advisor Petter Ottesen at petter.ottesen@ftejerez.com or phone +47 40 67 22 24 (Monday-Friday 08:00-16:00).

If you want to keep updated with FTEJerez’s latest news, you can also follow our facebook page and visit our main website www.ftejerez.com.

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