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History and Highlights

FTEJerez has many years of experience in aviation training and enjoys international recognition as one of the most prestigious ATOs in Europe. Our ATC training services are based on the same philosophy that has made our pilot training an industry benchmark: a focus on training excellence.

To deliver this FTEJerez selects only the best instructors to join our international team. All have well over a decade of experience in civil and military aviation, in both national and international operational positions. In addition, our ATC instructors have a minimum of 5 years of proven training experience in Air Traffic Control and at least an ICAO level 5 English.

Following the liberalisation of ATC towers and the training of air traffic controllers in Spain, FTEJerez became the first training institution to be certified to conduct ATC training in Spain by the Spanish Regulator, the Agencia Estatal de Seguridad Area (AESA).

Today, FTEJerez has established itself as a partner of choice for leading ASNPs whilst offering our ATC cadets some of the best job prospects in the industry. Milestones of our ATC division feature:

  • The first private basic training provider approved by Eurocontrol to apply FEAST selection testing.*
  • The first training provider approved by AESA to conduct an ATC course*.
  • The first training provider to achieve OJTI course approval*.
  • The first training provider to achieve standalone RAD course to provide radar rating endorsement.
  • The first training provider to deliver Military to Civilian Conversion Course*
  • The first training provider to deliver ICAO into European license conversion course*.
  • The first training provider to obtain approval for Assessment Previous Competence evaluations (APC).

*milestone achieved under AESA.

Aviation Campus

A fundamental part of FTEs vision of ATC training is a focus on creating long-term relationships between pilots and air traffic controllers, bringing both teams to a level of communication with no barriers. At the FTECampus, all pilot cadets and ATC students share accommodation, facilities and time-off, creating an environment in which students exchange their knowledge and perspectives of the same industry.

Explore the FTECampus here:

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Find out the latest news from FTEJerez.

22 July, 2019

FTEJerez delivers familiarisation course to Spanish Navy officers

Last Friday a group of Navy Officers from the Spanish Navy completed a familiarisation course at FTE’s campus, prior to the helicopter and jet training they will receive in the US. This is the fourth course from the Spanish Navy … Read More

20 June, 2019

FTEJerez wins tender with M-NAV

Following a stringent selection process, FTEJerez is proud to announce that its ATC division has been awarded the tender with M-NAV, the Air Navigation Service Provider of the Republic of North Macedonia. This is the first time Macedonian controllers will … Read More

29 April, 2019

FTEJerez graduates ATC course 12

Last Friday 12th May, FTEJerez had the pleasure of graduating its ATC course 12 that commenced in April 2018. After a full year of training, 10 students graduates after completing an integrated ATC course (Area & Approach). Following their training … Read More

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