Another first for FTEJerez

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FTEJerez is proud to announce that the college has been granted approval by the Spanish Civil Aviation Authority (AESA) to conduct Multi Crew Pilots Licence (MPL) training for the Exeter based UK carrier, Flybe. FTEJerez is the first flight training organisation in Spain to receive approval to conduct  MPL training in accordance with the regulations laid down  by the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA), an EU agency with regulatory and executive tasks in the field of civilian aviation safety.

The MPL pilot training course represents contemporary thinking  amongst some of the world’s leading airlines in terms of which there is a clear move away from the traditional way of training young pilots mainly on small aircraft,  to less training on aircraft and more on flight simulators in order to better prepare pilots for their multi-crew role in the cockpit once the trainee pilots  join the airline. FTEJerez was also the first flight training organization to have received  approval  by the UK Civil Aviation Authority a number of years ago to conduct MPL training for Flybe.

What makes the current approval more remarkable is that, pending final go-ahead, this is the first MPL training approval agreed to between two participating EASA authorities, namely those of Spain and the UK.

FTEJerez’s CEO,  Oscar Sordo commented as follows: “This is another very important milestone for FTEJerez. FTEJerez was the first organization approved to conduct MPL by the UK CAA in 2009, and after running 5 courses we can say the program has proven to be a huge success. BACityFlyer recently became the second airline training under this system with us, and I am confident that we will exceed also their expectations. The fact that FTEJerez is the  first pilot training establishment in Spain to now be granted approval by the Spanish authority to conduct MPL training, is further confirmation of the college’s leading role in the European pilot training sector”.