FTEJerez Air Traffic Control Services strengthens aviation partnership with Oman Royal Air Force

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FTEJerez is delighted to welcome back Oman Royal Air Force controllers to our campus, marking another significant step in our collaborative journey. FTEJerez is once again hosting these skilled professionals for an intensive instructor course.

This reaffirms our ongoing partnership; FTEJerez has a history of training Omani aviation talent, extending beyond pilots to controllers. As we greet this latest group, we continue our tradition of shared learning and growth.

Their presence underscores our dedication to refining aviation skills. Through focused coursework and hands-on training, they’ll deepen their understanding of air traffic control intricacies. This experience links them to a lineage of Omani aviation experts who’ve honed their skills within our supportive environment.

FTEJerez thanks the Oman Royal Air Force for entrusting us with their professionals’ development. Together, we pave the way for an even brighter future in aviation.

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