FTEJerez ATC and CORPAC forge training partnership

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Our Air Traffic Control department is proud to announce the successful conclusion of a new agreement with CORPAC, the Peruvian Corporation of Airports and Commercial Aviation. This marks a significant milestone for FTEJerez ATC in the LATAM region, as CORPAC is renowned for managing multiple control towers throughout Peru.

Under this agreement, FTEJerez will provide a comprehensive training course on Parallel Runway Operations for Tower and Approach, covering dependent, independent, and mixed parallel approaches, among others. Starting in August 2023, we will welcome groups of 10 Peruvian air traffic controllers to receive training at our campus in Jerez, Spain.

Miguel Caparrós, ATC Head of Training, FTEJerez, alongside Mr. Jorge Perlacios Velásquez, the President of CORPAC, and members of their training team, captured during the recent meeting held at Lima Airport.