FTEJerez ATC training milestones

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FTEJerez is pleased to announce important milestones that our ATC training division, in partnership with Global Aerospace Logistics, has attained recently regarding graduate employment.

FTEJerez ATC graduates have successfully passed interviews in Abu-Dhabi and will be joining Global Aerospace Logistics’ headquarters in the United Arab Emirates. FTEJerez becomes the first ATC training organisation to provide this employment opportunity to its cadets, as they will gain significant experience. These roles are fulltime positions and are not internships.

In addition to this, 5 other graduates have passed interviews with a European Air Traffic Service provider and they will be joining the company to attain the full ATC licence. FTEJerez has also recently increased its portfolio of ATC training services with Career Development courses available to holders of a current ATC licence.

All these important achievements confirm FTEJerez’s commitment to offer quality ATC training, including relevant career development services. Despite the second ATC course having graduated less than 3 months ago, nearly 70% of FTEJerez’s graduates are working in different air traffic control roles.