FTEJerez chosen once again by British Airways to train BA’s Cadet Pilots

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British Airways today announced its decision to train a second round of cadet pilots as part of their Future Pilot Programme (FPP) announced in August 2011. The FPP provides the framework for the training of the airline’s cadet pilots over the next few years.

FTEJerez is proud to once again have been chosen by BA as one of its cadet pilot training providers.

FTEJerez and its predecessor, located in the UK, have been associated with British Airways for more than 20 years. The college is well aware of the responsibility it undertakes in moulding the selected BA trainees into first class pilots and the future captains of the airline. ‘ We are confident that our experience as well as the college’s training environment, infrastructure, equipment, facilities and expertise, will allow us to deliver the quality training demanded by BA’, FTEJerez CEO Oscar Sordo, commented.

Tom Powell, a current BA FPP cadet at FTEJerez, describes his experience at the college thus far as follows:  ‘… There is a lot of hard work to be done, but with a job as First Officer at BA waiting for me at the end of the course, the incentive to work hard, is massive, and with the staff and facilities available here at FTEJerez, I feel I am in the right place to achieve the best possible results.’.

Tom’s sentiments are echoed by another BA FPP cadet, Matt Riddell who said that ‘…having everything on site is fantastic. There is no need for travelling before or after work so you can maximise both work and socialising, having senior students to talk to and gain experience from throughout the course is vital.  Everyone here is looking out for each and every student, and the camaraderie is excellent, which makes it a very comforting environment…’

Only those young men and women who have passed BA’s stringent selection criteria will be accepted. Full details of the programme, its conditions and how the application process works, can be obtained from the FTEJerez website.

Successful candidates who elect to train with FTEJerez, will join cadets from other airlines such as BA Cityflyer, CityJet, Emirates, Flybe, Qatar Airways, Thomas Cook and MEA, and others  – all working towards the same goal in what is an ideal flying training environment!