FTEJerez exclusive partnership agreement with FerroNATS and NATS

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ferronats logoFTEJerez has recently signed a partnership agreement with NATS and FerroNATS, through which FTEJerez will become one of the industry’s benchmark air traffic control training centres. By means of this agreement, FTEJerez has been provided with a state-of-the-art next generation aerodrome simulator, developed by NATS, that offers precise virtual reproduction of real-life situations. Moreover, NATS will also supply FTEJerez with their training know-how, providing material developed by their experienced professionals. This agreement is the first step of an ongoing relationship that will see FTEJerez incorporate additional advanced equipment in order to provide approach and area training thus expanding their service portfolio.

Furthermore, FTEJerez has entered a long-term partnership with FerroNATS, the leading Spanish private air traffic control service provider, becoming FerroNATS’s preferred supplier of ATC students. This agreement will enhance the career opportunities of FTEJerez ATC graduates and, to this regard, a number of cadets from each course will be included in the FerroNATS preferential recruitment pool.

With capacity to train over 50 aerodrome student controllers each year, FTEJerez’s training centre offers initial air traffic control training while also providing current air traffic controllers with a quality continuous learning platform.

Óscar Sordo, CEO of FTEJerez, mentioned that: “We are delighted to team up with industry leaders such as FerroNATS and NATS, as this venture will enable us to provide the best training available to our students; further enhancing their industry knowledge and career development opportunities”.

According to Gonzalo Cañete, managing director of FerroNATS: “This agreement marks a significant milestone for a relatively new company such as FerroNATS as it will enable us to cooperate with leading international sector players, such as FTEJerez and NATS, in an area of crucial importance to our business: training”.

Meanwhile, Richard Deakin, CEO of NATS, said: “Having access to top quality training is the absolute foundation of our industry. I am therefore delighted that through this agreement, NATS will be able work with FTEJerez and FerroNATS to help nurture the next generation of controllers from across Europe”.

Candidates whose application has been successful are currently undertaking assessments in Jerez. The next ATC training course mentored by FerroNATS will commence in May 2014.