FTEJerez approved for the delivery of Aerodrome Flight Information Services (AFIS) training

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FTEJerez has received the approval to deliver Aerodrome Flight Information Service (AFIS) training, in accordance to the requirements established by AESA.

AFIS is provided at airfields where, despite not being busy enough for full air traffic control, the traffic is such that some form of service is necessary. It can be seen as a half-way house between an uncontrolled and controlled airfield. AFIS provides pilots with details of other known traffic taking off, landing and flying in the vicinity of the airfield.

Apart from offering full-scope ATC training services, with the addition of AFIS training and the recently approved SDP training, FTEJerez can now deliver practically all the control and information training services the industry demands.

This approval arrives at a very positive moment for FTE’s ATC department, with upcoming Radar courses confirmed due to demand for both March and August and with the latest Tower course having commenced with over 90% of the students pre-selected by partner ANSP FerroNATS. Following this latest approval for AFIS training, FTEJerez has already commenced the delivery of an ATC to AFIS conversion course.

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