FTEJerez cadets complete Airbus A320 Type Ratings and transition to Vueling

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After successfully completing their Integrated ATP(A) course at FTEJerez, five cadets chosen by Vueling and one self-sponsored student finished their Type Ratings between May 5th and June 11th, 2024. Their training began at our Jerez campus, where they completed the Airbus A320 technical phase and initial simulator sessions. They then moved on to the Full Flight Simulator sessions at our partners, Avenger Flight Group (AFG) in Madrid, in early June.

Following this, the cadets transitioned directly to Vueling for their Base Training, which they completed on Thursday, June 13th, with flights from Barcelona to Reus. They started their Operator’s conversion course on June 17th and will soon begin their line training, flying passengers around Europe.

One of the cadets, Victor Gasaba, expressed his gratitude, saying, “I would like to convey how thankful we are for the help FTE has provided us, making our entry in Vueling possible… Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

Andy Mitchell, Head of Training at FTEJerez, commented, “On behalf of the whole team at FTEJerez, I am delighted that we were able to successfully support these bright and promising young pilots to complete their Airbus A320 type ratings with us on tight timescales to meet their entry date into Vueling. They have been a pleasure to train, and we look forward to hearing of their experiences operating around Europe.”

In the photos, we can see Hubert and Victor -in the cockpit-, and Rubén and Exequiel -during their TRE-, all of them students from course 233.


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