FTE’s ATPL Scholarship. The Journey Continues

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We are catching up in the following lines on the recent developments experienced by our cadets, Stephen Daly and Fahim Ahmed, recipients of FTE’s Fully Funded ATPL Scholarship. They are making progress in their flight phase and are getting closer to the culmination of their journey, which will grant them the ATPL licence.

Stephen Daly has been doing really well. His thoughts and experiences were featured in “Air Pilot,” the magazine by The Honourable Company of Air Pilots. His narrative provides a real sense of what his training has been like, from Ground School sessions to flying in the skies over Spain. His reflections shed light on the challenges he’s encountered, the victories he’s celebrated, and the profound insights that have shaped his transformation from a determined student into a promising aviator.

A notable highlight within Stephen’s journey is the invaluable exposure he gained through interactions with industry professionals: the school regularly hosts presentations by members of partner airlines, who generously share their insights through informative talks and seminars. This has helped Stephen see the practical side of aviation and given him a deeper understanding of how things work in the real world.

Stephen’s story embodies the comprehensive approach embraced by FTEJerez, where theoretical learning and hands-on training merge to craft proficient aviators.

Click on the picture to enlarge.
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On the other hand, Fahim Ahmed has been progressing through the various episodes of his training as successfully as expected, and each of them marked by significant milestones and memorable experiences.

One of these culminated at the end of last April, signifying the completion of his groundschool sessions. This achievement laid the essential theoretical work for his aviation journey, setting the stage for the challenges and accomplishments that followed in flying school.

On the photos below, another crucial moment captured Fahim’s inaugural solo flight, a monumental step in any aviator’s path. The photographs were taken upon his landing at LETJ -Trebujena Aerodrome-, and his return to LEJR -Jerez International Airport.

Fahim also embarked on the another important leg of his training adventure: the Basic Instrument and Navigation Phase of the almighty Piper Warrior aircraft on simulators. This stage introduced him to the intricacies of flight navigation and instrument usage, a critical step for the cadets in their journey towards aviation proficiency.

These snapshots collectively narrate Fahim’s journey, reflecting his dedication, progress, and growth as he navigates the Andalucian skies and pushes the boundaries of his aviation aspirations.

We look forward to witnessing the final stages of the training of our cadets Faz and Stephen in the coming months, and we will continue to report on them with pride.


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