ENAIRE announces 130 openings for air traffic controllers in Spain

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ENAIRE, the public business entity that manages air navigation in Spain, has announced plans to recruit 130 new air traffic controllers in the Spanish territory, who will join the 106 candidates who were selected in late 2016.

ENAIRE currently employs 2,000 workers in different positions and departments, including air traffic control. According to official forecasts published in ENAIRE’s strategic planning, air traffic in the Spanish region will increase 16% in 2020 with over 2 million flights per year. As a result, ENAIRE is looking not only to replace retiring controllers but to also considerably increase its workforce.

To this regard, last year FTEJerez became the first private ATC initial training organisation to obtain AESA’s approval to deliver Radar training in Spain and, as a result, has offered Approach and Area Courses with the first intake having successfully completed training last month.

FTE’s ATC Radar course (Approach and Area) offers additional training modules for tower controllers. This course qualifies the candidate in order to safely manage air traffic within a larger area and altitude and, as a result, over a period of 34 training weeks candidates obtain the APP/APS and ACP/ACS endorsements as required by ENAIRE.

Candidates applying for ENAIRE’s public job offer will find detailed information of FTE’s training services at www.ftejerez.com/enaire.


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