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It’s not only where you come from,
it’s where you are heading to

The origins

At FTEJerez we are proud of our origins as the British Aerospace Flight training college in Scotland, however, we believe that it’s not only where you come from but where you are heading that really counts.

During our history, FTE’s stance has been not to follow but rather lead the way, contributing towards the flight training industry with our experience, success and proven training methodology. As a result we have pioneered relevant industry landmarks. Find out more about our many milestones below.

  • 1988

    British Aerospace Flying College at Prestwick Scotland was established.

  • 1999

    Relocation to Jerez de la Frontera

  • 2003

    British Aerospace Flying College became FTEJerez.

  • 2007

    FTEJerez initiated the Airline Mentored Scheme with Flybe.

  • 2009

    FTEJerez graduates receive first-ever MPL issued by the UK CAA.

    First establishment approved by the CAA as an ELP (English Language Proficiency testing centre).

    First FTO to purchase the FFTX™ New Generation Boeing 737-800 Simulator.

  • 2013

    5 Diamond DA42 Aircraft and 3 associated synthetic flight training devices join the training fleet.

  • 2015

    FTEJerez is awarded ‘Best Business Services’ at the ‘Andalusian Business Excellence Awards.’



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