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Flight Deck plus+

The one-stop course for the experienced private pilot


The Flight Deck plus+

The Flight Deck plus+ (FD+) course is aimed at experienced PPL holders who are following the modular training route. It includes an Advanced Flight Training phase followed by a Multi-Crew Cooperation and a Jet Orientation Course (MCC/JOC) providing you with the high quality finishing components of a modular ATPL path. Highlights of the FD+ include:

  • Same standards and instructors that train our airline cadets.
  • All training elements delivered from the FTECampus.
  • Full-board accommodation and use of recreational facilities included.
  • Unrivalled student/instructor ratio.


Advanced Flight Training.

Advanced Flight Training. CPL/IR


During this training phase, the FD+ combines back-to-back CPL and IR modular flying training courses, in order to train the private pilot to the level of proficiency required to operate as a commercial pilot and progress to the MCC/JOC.

All flying training is dual instruction and is delivered by our highly qualified team of EASA instructors. On completion of the FD+ Advanced Flight Training module, you will be issued with the Multi Engine class rating (MEP), an EASA Commercial Pilot Licence and Instrument rating (CPL/IR).


Jet Orientation Course.

Jet Orientation Course. MCC/JOC


This final phase of the FD+ will provide you with an airline entry-level knowledge and teach you the team skills necessary to safely operate a large jet aircraft. At FTEJerez we understand the importance of this final module as in fact we were the first ATO to introduce the Jet Orientation Course.

During your MCC/JOC, each exercise will be thoroughly briefed and debriefed and a written report will be provided. Conducted on FTE’s state-of-the-art Boeing 737-800 simulator, all training is delivered by current and former airline training captains, guaranteeing you obtain the exacting standard of training the airlines demand.

Entry Requirements & Fees

We are aware that modular cadets require extra flexibility of choice; this is why you can apply for the Advanced Flight Training module (CPL/IR) and the MCC/JOC independently or book the full FD+ training package with added benefits.

Feel free to contact our training advisors who will be happy to provide you with any information you may require – you can provide us with your contact details using the contact form below. You can also download the requirements, training programme and fees for the FD+ and the training modules it is comprised of here.

Download the pdf document