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B.Sc. in Pilot Studies

FTEJerez and SETU: partnering towards excellence

Enhance your ATPL

FTEJerez and SETU (South East Technological University) have partnered to deliver the B.Sc. in Pilot Studies. This programme allows airline pilot cadets to graduate with both an ATPL licence and a European recognised degree. With over 100 graduates having completed one of Europe's most successful pilot degrees, the B.Sc. in Pilot Studies is a great starting point to an airline career for students who have just completed high school level studies.

The modules covered at SETU will help the student understand the fundamental principles underpinning many of the systems on an aircraft whilst also obtaining skills and knowledge required to progress into managerial positions within an airline.



Dedicated to excellence in higher education



SETU has been proactive in the development of aerospace related programmes over the last two decades, such as the EASA approved Bachelor of Engineering in Aircraft Systems, attracting students from over 27 countries. In addition, SETU has been chosen as 'The Sunday Times Institute of Technology of the year 2014' and 'Best Aviation Academic Education' at the 'Aviation Industry Awards 2015', amongst other accolades.

This is why FTEJerez has chosen SETU, Ireland, as its third level educational partner to deliver a B.Sc in Pilot Studies.

The degree is the result of close work with the airline industry, developing a new degree that meets the industry's needs and expectations. Both institutions are pleased to present a programme which, after successful completion of 2 intensive semesters at SETU, will not only add a formal recognition to your EASA ATPL but, unlike other degree programmes, will also deliver real academic value and further quality training that is truly appreciated by the industry's main employers.

Direct entry to this programme is currently exclusive to FTEJerez students and pilots flying for FTEJerez's airline partners. External graduates holding a valid frozen ATPL are welcome to apply, subject to FTEJerez and SETU's approval.


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Should you wish to submit an application, you will be required to complete the standard application process for our integrated programme. Simply select the option 'I want to start the B.Sc. in Pilot Studies in September 2024' as your preferred course start date. To submit an application now, click here:

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