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Welcome to the dedicated site for this programme's selection process. Here you can find all the details & information regarding this programme as well as the online application form.

Ryanair Future Flyer Academy


Thank you for entering the Ryanair Future Flyer Academy application website. Before you apply via the online application form shown below, we strongly recommend that you familiarise yourself with this mentored scheme by reading the information provided below.

Selection process information

Terms and conditions.

Welcome to the Ryanair Future Flyer Academy.

This Mentored Scheme is delivered with Ryanair’s exclusive training provider in Spain, FTEJerez, to provide a source of quality preselected pilots to crew Ryanair’s B737 aircraft. You will undertake training under the ATPL route to the right-hand seat of a Ryanair aircraft. The course has been specifically designed to teach you all of the key elements necessary for you to successfully transition to a Ryanair flight deck.

During your training in Jerez, your progress will be mentored throughout the course by Ryanair’s training department and as the final phase of this course, students will undergo a B737 Type Rating, including Base Training, with Ryanair.

Selection will follow the standard format and battery of tests FTEJerez conducts for other airline mentored schemes. Selected candidates will be offered positions on courses commencing training at FTEJerez throughout the calendar year.

Following successful acceptance in one of the Ryanair Future Flyer Academy training programmes, the airline will issue a conditional job offer. Moreover, Ryanair provides excellent prospects for pilot progression within the airline including the unique opportunity to join their fast-growing training department.

We take this opportunity to wish you every success with your application and the selection process!

Ryanair is looking for high calibre, well-motivated individuals who are keen to be part of Europe’s favourite airline and become the airline’s future Captains.

To be eligible for this scheme you must have completed high school studies which grant access to University (A Levels, Spanish Bachillerato, Italian Maturità, French Baccalauréat, etc.) including Maths and English, and hold the right to live and work in the EU and/or the UK.

English proficiency at a level equivalent to an ICAO 4 level (i.e. IELTS 4.5) is a minimum requirement. It is not necessary to hold a formal evaluation or certificates as FTEJerez will directly assess language competencies.

If successful, you will have to fund the Ryanair Future Flyer training programme. The fees below are valid until 31/12/2024 and are inclusive of:

  • Training and full board accommodation at FTEJerez (62 training weeks).
  • B737 Type Rating delivered by Ryanair (including base training)
  • VAT where applicable
Fees 140.000 Euros 140.000 Euros + GBP 4,700 GBP 121,850
Features Accommodation and food is not included during the type rating and base training. Accommodation and food is not included during the type rating and base training. Accommodation in the UK and UK CAA fees not included. Accommodation and food is not included during the type rating and base training. Accommodation in the UK and UK CAA fees not included.

Throughout the training, the Ryanair cadet’s performance will not only be monitored by FTE’s training team, but there will also be an oversight by Ryanair’s training department.

If successful throughout the training at FTEJerez, graduates from the Future Flyer Academy, not only get a guaranteed final assessment but also have an exclusive fast-tracked recruitment process and will be given preference during initial selection. In addition to that, graduates will enjoy a distinct advantage at the actual interview and assessment stage as they will be taught using Ryanair procedures and will get exposure to the airline’s safety culture and operational philosophy from day one of the programme..

Candidates will be able to apply throughout 2024.

When applying, you will be required to create a user name and password. With this information, you will be given access to a personal Candidate Area, where you can complete your application by uploading your documents.

Should your application be successful in progressing to the next phase you will be required to complete FTE’s assessments. This includes written tests, Cut-e and a personal interview.

Candidates invited to this phase will receive pre-test guidance material in order to prepare for the assessments.

If your assessment meets the airline’s standards, your file and scores will be sent to Ryanair for approval. Once Ryanair accepts your application, no further assessments are required and you will be invited by FTE’s Enrolment Officer to confirm a suitable start date.

Throughout the selection process, you will be advised as to whether or not your application has been progressed to the next stage. However, due to the large number of applications expected, neither Ryanair nor FTEJerez will be in a position to provide individual detailed feedback on your performance. At any stage, you can log in to your Candidate Area to check your application’s status.

Please remember to check your email account’s Spam or Junk folder to ensure the message is not filtered.

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Please note that should you not hold official certificates, you may provide us with a self-assessment of your language skills. FTEJerez will run language assessments as part of the selection process.

Note: if you are successful through your application, you will be asked to upload a copy of your ELP certificate.

Insert below your formal education level achieved at year 12 or 13. Please include results that warrant university access in your country's education system, for example: A-Levels, International Baccalaureate, Leaving Certs, Maturità, Bac, Abitur, etc. Please note that should you be currently undergoing secondary education, you may not apply for this scholarship.

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Although no previous flying experience is required in order to apply for this programme, as a flight training provider it is important for us to know if you have completed any previous theoretical or flight training. Therefore:
Do you have any licences, qualifications, ground school training and/or flying hours?


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