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ATC 360º

Tailored training solutions for the ANSP


ATC 360º

Tailored training solutions for the ANSP

FTEJerez ATC is fully aware of the standards, flexibility and portfolio of services ANSP's require from their training providers. This is why our one-stop ATC 360 service offers you off the shelf and bespoke training solutions, from ICAO conversions and Team Resource Management to full scope ab initio training packages and consultancy services.

By entrusting FTEJerez as your training provider, you can rest assured that we will equip your Air Traffic Controllers with the necessary skills and operational capability to make a success of your operation.

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Please note that despite issuing EASA licences, the ATC sector is traditionally very nation-focused. The controllers national ANSPs consider for employment are generally nationals of their home country or native level speakers of the country's official language. While we consider EU passport holders for our training courses and deliver all our training in English, FTEJerez cannot guarantee the same career service for non-Spanish students. We strongly recommend that you contact your national ANSPs and find out their eligibility criteria before applying for training at FTEJerez.