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Approach & Area rating for the qualified tower controller

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Approach & Area rating
for the qualified tower controller

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FTE’s ATC Radar course (Approach and Area) offers additional training modules for qualified tower controllers. This course qualifies you in order to safely manage air traffic within a larger area and altitude and, as a result, over a period of 28 training weeks you will obtain the APP/APS (RAD-TCL) and ACP/ACS (RAD-TCL) endorsements.

This course is aimed at qualified tower controllers holding ADI+TWR+RAD endorsements, however, if you have no previous ATC training experience, FTE’s ATC Radar course (Approach and Area) can be integrated to your ab initio ATC Tower allowing you to go from 0 to fully rated ATC upon graduation.

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Please note that despite issuing EASA licences, the ATC sector is traditionally very nation-focused. The controllers national ANSPs consider for employment are generally nationals of their home country or native level speakers of the country's official language. While we consider EU passport holders for our training courses and deliver all our training in English, FTEJerez cannot guarantee the same career service for non-Spanish students. We strongly recommend that you contact your national ANSPs and find out their eligibility criteria before applying for training at FTEJerez.