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ATC Tower Course

If you are considering a career as an Air Traffic Controller, your first step is to obtain the licence required to work in an ATC Tower. To this end, FTEJerez has developed an intensive ATC course that has successfully graduated the next generation of Air Traffic Controllers.

The entire course content is in accordance with Eurocontrol's Common Core Content requirements. Over a period of 20 training weeks you will complete the BASIC training phase (theory) followed by the RATING training phase, delivered on our on-campus, state-of-the-art ATC simulator.

After completing the ATC Tower Course you will acquire the necessary knowledge, skills and operational capability in order to commence working in an air traffic control tower.

Today, FTEJerez has established itself as a partner of choice for leading ASNP's whilst offering our ATC cadets some of the best job prospects in the industry. Milestones of our ATC division feature:

  • The first private basic training provider approved by Eurocontrol to apply FEAST selection testing.*
  • The first training provider approved by AESA to conduct an ATC course*.
  • The first training provider to achieve OJTI course approval*.
  • The first training provider to achieve standalone RAD course to provide radar rating endorsement.
  • The first training provider to deliver Military to Civilian Conversion Course*
  • The first training provider to deliver ICAO into European license conversion course*.
  • The first training provider to obtain approval for Assessment Previous Competence evaluations (APC).

*milestone achieved under AESA.

Record Graduate placement

From the moment you start your training, following an evaluation period by FTEJerez, your progress in the course will be constantly monitored. This supervision will not only guarantee that your training will be carried out to the highest standards demanded by the industry, but will also allow us to offer you personalised advice, preparing you for your first job in a control tower.

From Jerez to Vigo, from the Canary Islands to the Balearic Islands, from Dublin to Dubaiā€¦ controllers graduated from Jerez have started their careers all over the world and with the most important ATC Service providers.

FTEJerez is constantly working with national and international companies to offer the best options to our graduates and maintain our position as the leading school for controllers in terms of job placement.


Course Price

Prices are, according to accommodation:

Course Price
Our all-inclusive price is €36,655
Course price without accommodation €28,500

FTE's ATC Tower course includes:

  • All required training materials.
  • Full uniform.
  • AESA Student Controller Licence issue fees.
  • Accommodation on campus, including single occupancy bedroom, with en suite bathroom, air conditioning and internet connection.
  • Unlimited access to all facilities on campus.
  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner every day of the week throughout the whole course.
  • VAT included where applicable.

To continue with your career as Air Traffic Controller visit the Approach and Area rating courses.


If you are interested, funding is available through our partner banks BBVA, La Caixa and Sabadell. Click on the icons to download the detailed documentation in pdf format.

BBVA Spain Package
Caixa Spain Package
Sabadell Spain Package


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Please note that despite issuing EASA licences, the ATC sector is traditionally very nation-focused. The controllers national ANSPs consider for employment are generally nationals of their home country or native level speakers of the country's official language. While we consider EU passport holders for our training courses and deliver all our training in English, FTEJerez cannot guarantee the same career service for non-Spanish students. We strongly recommend that you contact your national ANSPs and find out their eligibility criteria before applying for training at FTEJerez.