FTEJerez commemorates the graduation of over 30 cadets in the presence of leading European airlines representatives

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Among the graduates are cadets from the training programmes of the airlines Aer Lingus, Iberia, and Vueling.

FTEJerez proudly celebrated the graduation ceremony of courses 232, 233, 234, and 235 on March 22nd at the historic Bodega González Byass in Jerez de la Frontera. The event marked a significant milestone in the lives of 31 cadets from diverse parts of the world. Among the graduates were cadets sponsored by renowned European airlines Aer Lingus, Iberia, and Vueling, as well as self-sponsored students.

During the ceremony, Oscar Sordo, CEO of FTEJerez, highlighted the pivotal moment that the industry is experiencing and the level of job placement the school currently maintains. He also expressed gratitude to the sponsoring airlines for their trust in FTEJerez, particularly in this significant year as the school celebrates its 25th anniversary in Jerez.

Oscar Sordo, FTEJerez CEO, during the ceremony.

Accompanying their cadets, and as guests of honour, representatives from various sponsoring airlines attended the ceremony, offering valuable advice to the graduates in their speeches.

Captain Alberto Hernández, Vueling’s Training Director, spoke about the cadets’ future role: “You are the present and future of aviation. As pilots, you have the privilege of seeing the world in a unique way, but also the responsibility to always fly with safety, efficiency, and sustainability as your guiding principles. Grow not only as pilots but also as individuals.”

Captain Alberto Hernández

These sentiments were echoed by Captain Rafael Jiménez Hoyos, Chief Operating Officer at Iberia, who emphasised the importance of maintaining humility within the profession, a key aspect for the aviation sector: “As pilots, you are going to be one of the most important links in the operation of an airline, but always remain humble. Aircraft do not take off without the support of the entire team.”

Captain Rafael Jiménez Hoyos, Iberia

Additionally, Captain John Lennon, Cadet Liaison Pilot at Aer Lingus, addressed the parents of the graduates: “You have done the right thing. This profession will bring immense joy to your sons and daughters every day. Airlines are hiring new pilots in large numbers, and the industry continues to grow. The future is bright for you all.”

The graduation ceremony not only marked the end of a stage in the lives of young pilots but also the beginning of exciting careers in the aviation industry.

Captain John Lennon, Cadet Liaison Pilot at Aer Lingus


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