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Presenting Ryanair Future Flyer Academy Flight Training Programme

Future Flyer Academy

Welcome on board

The Ryanair Future Flyer Academy provides individuals with little to no prior aviation experience, the opportunity to enrol in a flight training programme with a direct path to become a future Ryanair Pilot. FTEJerez is proud to have been endorsed by Ryanair's Training Department and selected as an official pilot training partner and the exclusive training provider in Spain.

Reasons to become a Ryanair pilot

Discover some of the main reasons that make this programme an outstanding choice for aspiring pilots:

  • Job security.
  • Fast-track to Command - 6 years from initial course!
  • Fantastic career progression - opportunities for SFI, LTC, TRE & TRI.
  • Exceptional roster with 5 days on and 4 days off.
  • Great base opportunities available at many locations across the network.
  • Outstanding Earnings Potential.
  • Modern fleet and the opportunity to fly the brand new Boeing 737 aircraft, including the B737 8200.

Ryanair Future Flyer Academy

Conditional Job Offer

Selected candidates will receive a conditional job offer upon enrolment. Once students graduate through the Ryanair Future Flyer Academy, they have a guaranteed final assessment and will enjoy a distinct training advantage as they will be taught using Ryanair procedures, having exposure to Ryanair's safety culture and operational philosophy from day one of the programme.

Training Programmes

The Ryanair Future Flyer Academy Training Programme at FTEJerez is developed and delivered in accordance with the airline's SOPs. Regular auditing of trainee performance and course quality is monitored by the FTEJerez and Ryanair training department. There are 3 training paths to the Ryanair Future Flyer Academy:


Integrated Ab-initio

This is an intensive fulltime programme, following FTE's Airline First Officer Programme structure, enhanced with Ryanair SOPs and including a B737 Type Rating with Ryanair! It is suitable for candidates with little or no flying experience.

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Gateway 1

This is a modular route designed for candidates who are experienced PPL holders who hold a PPL with at least 150 Hours as pilot in command (PIC) and completed ATPL theory exams.

Contact us at info@ftejerez.com


Gateway 2

Industry leading APS MCC suitable for CPL/IR holders with completed ATPL theory.

Contact us at info@ftejerez.com

At present, FTEJerez is accepting applications for the ab initio route. If you would like to be notified once the Gateway 1 and 2 routes are open, please send us an email at info@ftejerez.com


The Ryanair Future Flyer Academy Integrated pathway is now open for applications! Find out more and apply here.